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February 2010


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Dear ones.

I have been really occupied with school and all the homework I need to do every day, but I’m finally noticing I have improved quite a lot since I arrived here. Last week I went over for dinner at Anna’s place, a Swedish girl, with a Swedish guy, Viktor who is in my class and another Dutch girl, Brecht, which was a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to a bar, where one of the Americans was playing, which turns out to be about 50 meters from my house, but since I didn’t know that I went all the way across town to a bakery which was still opened at midnight for a Italian dolce.

I have been wanting to go out and explore the city a bit for a while now, but the weather has absolutely been horrible. It is probably warmer than in Holland, but whenever I decide to go shopping it is also raining… Sunday I woke up to a beautiful sun shining brightly in the clear blue sky so I went out to the piazza maggiore with my roommate; Eveline, for an ice cream. Every single person that lives in Bologna was at the piazza enjoying the sun, it was insanely busy! Eveline left that afternoon to go home again, so ever since I have been master of the apartment and by myself. Got the master bedroom to myself, figured out how the washing machine worked (which was quite hard, since it has none of the normal buttons, but some sort of clock..).

Friday an American guy will be arriving in my app, Chris and on Saturday a Japanese girl. I was supposed to get a French roommate last Sunday though, but somehow he missed the train and he still hasn’t got here after four days… My landlords have been really helpful so staying in the apartment by myself has been really good and not as scary at night as expected. (except for the first night haha)

A new girl arrived in my class on monday, another Swedish one, Maria, who is really nice. Monday after school we went to the amazing bookstore/restaurant/cafe place and I tutored her a bit in Italian, since she is a bit behind. Every Monday night there is an apperitivo at la linea, a bar at piazza maggiore for all the new and old students to grab a drink and get to know each other which was a lot of fun. (found out that Asian people really are bad drinkers, seriously wasted after one single beer)

I have been a really good student, even went to study at the library yesterday, explaining things to Maria a bit. And today I went for a quick lunch with a woman from my class and we spoke Italian during the whole lunch. Must admit the Italian wasn’t very awesome, but I have noticed that it has been getting easier and easier for me to have small conversations without having to think about every sentence for over an hour. I just wrote a little essay about how Bologna was in the 1950’s and I didn’t even had to look up any words, check any grammar and I finished quite quick! Tonight there is this event at my school about Italian fashion and tomorrow we will be watching a film(apparently a good Italian movie from ’52) at night.

Want to finish my last bit of homework before I take my siesta, an little argumento about a typical Dutch dish served at national holidays…
Ciao for now xxxxxxxxxxxx

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M vs B

B wins.....

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Hello dear ones!
It has been a while since I have updated you on my life here, I’m sorry! My last couples of days in Perugia were really good. Spent an evening at Caroline’s with Beatriz making Swedish apple pie, which turned out the most amazing pie ever! I’m still so proud of our pie, it was the easiest and yummiest ever. We spent a lot of ‘pomeriggio’s in the local café’s eating amazing chocolate cakes and too many cappuccino’s. And at some point it starting snowing in Perugia, to see the amazement and happiness on some faces was awesome. After my last Italian class (which was freezing) I went to the fountain to meet up with my mum and her friend Joke (or in short version MJ), but it was snowing and they were lost, so in the end it took a bit longer than expected. They fed me completely fat this weekend, since they didn’t quite agree on my cracker diet. That Friday we went out to a great trattoria and after packing I left Perugia on Saturday morning. We went on our little roadtrip and made a stop in a very cute city while the sun was out. We arrived in Bologna, but apparently finding a parking spot here is harder than in Amsterdam.

I’m sharing an apartment with another Dutch girl, Eveline. The first night there were two Spanish boys as well, apparently they quite like the white stuff, but I didn’t really notice. On Sunday we went to the Marandi museum, walked around town and did some sightseeing. There is this wonderful bookstore / restaurant / café and it is awesome. M bought me an Italian Sherlock Holmes book to learn some extra words. MJ left on Monday morning which was quite sad, because it was so much fun.

I started classes yesterday; my class consists of two Japanese people, a girl that seems a bit autistic and a guy, a boy from Sweden, a woman for Scotland and the most adorable 38 year old Indonesian guy who is studying Italian to become a priest in Rome. For the newcomers they organize a short city tour every week with an apperitivo after to meet some of the other students in the school. They all spoke Italian, constantly, but I just kept replying in English most of the time, because my Italian is not super awesome that I am able to talk about the crashing economy.. My night rest hasn’t been the best here so I got up way too late this morning, and even though I woke up at five, six and seven my biological and material alarm clock failed to when I was supposed to go to school. ..Tonight I have been invited to go out for dinner and drinks with some people my age, so I’m quite excited.
Oh by the mummy: I WAS RIGHT! The guy never told you that you had wonderful eyes, he said it was a wonderful day…. I’m sorry.


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Click on the link below for some pictures from here!



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I wish I had a wonderful story to tell you all about my AMAZING weekend, but to be honest I have been in bed most of my weekend feeling sick! Friday was fun though, I went out for the fifth coffee of the day with Beatriz, the girl from Ecuador (and an Arabic guy, named Baker, who invited himself) and afterwards out for dinner with Alex as well. We just dodged in a suspicious looking alley and found a surprising posh restaurant with absolutely amazing tortellini! Coughed through most of my meal though... Afterwards we went to the only place in Perugia, except for the Irish pub, where you can have a drink at night. (We have searched the whole old centre for bars and cafés, but no result just yet.)

We went to the Pharmacia to get me some coughing syrup right after, it’s very charming asking someone that doesn’t speak any other language than Italian that you need a coughing medicine for annoyance in the throat…. (luckily Alex preformed the uncharming conversation for me). Had a very nice night sleep, found out the next morning why. Apparently they use the same information booklet for three different kinds of medicine and stupid tired me tried to read the subscription in the dark causing me to take double the advised doses the entire night (and of course I already took a bit too much, thinking it would work better that way). So when I reread the information in the morning I wasn’t surprised to find out why my mouth and especially my tongue had been numb the entire night…

Spend my Saturday in bed, only left it to get an apple and I finished my entire bottle of coughing syrup. Probably watched on overdose on television programs starting with an H. Sunday wasn’t that active either, watched about another 12 hours more of television, but I did managed to pull myself together to go out to buy some food (TIRAMISU ICECREAM, the only thing I craved and have eaten apart from a pack of crackers and an apple this weekend).
I actually did my laundry on Sunday! It is still hanging in the bathroom to dry and I did need Alex’s help to figure out how the machine worked. (In the end it was my suggestion that helped us figure out how it works: to plug the machine in is always a good idea)
About to start my classes in a bit and I just realized I forgot to do the only exercise I had for homework. Since overachieving me thought it was a fun idea to make all the exercises of the previous chapters, because I was bored, not realizing that in the next couple of lessons I would be stuck doing nothing all the time and having no homework because I already did everything.

I hope to get internet in the apartment soon, I was supposed to get it last week, but you know the Italian lifestyle, take it easy and get internet in the apartment when Berber has moved out ;) The sun is out though, no clouds and it is not even that cold, so the day is of to a good start!

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Ciao tutti!

How are you all? I’m doing pretty good, just had a very nice home cooked lunch with my roommate, who just went back to school. My classes are from nine to one each day. I’m in the BII class, which is a bit advanced. Right now we are doing a lot of recapping which for me is quite good since as it turns out, I forgot quite a lot of verbs , words and grammar rules.

On Monday we had a meeting at school where I did my Italian test for my level, which wasn’t too hard and afterwards we had lunch with all the new people. There are about thirty Israelian Arabs in my school who are all learning Italian here to be able to study here. Afterwards we did a tour around Perugia and I met Caroline, an Australian girl (woman, turns out she is 30, but no-one would say) and we bought our schoolbooks! Alex and I made pasta for the night (yes mummy pretty much like the recipe you taught me the day before you left) and I must say I’m quite proud of awesome it tasted! (actually I had it for lunch again the next day!) At night we had a big group of the Arabs over in the apartment for some argrila (shisha) and I was proclaimed the princes haha… (after that I decided to go to bed, being a princes in a group of 10 guys might not be the best thing)

Tuesday was the first day of the actual lessons. I’m in a class with about five or six other people, the Australian girl, two/three Arabs (changes between grammar en conversation lessons) and a girl from Ecuador (Beatriz) who joined in later on the day. She is really nice, she also wants to study in Italy.

Normally I would have about 30 minutes homework each day, but since I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and over do the learning on the verbs, words and do waaaay to many exercises, I spend about two or three hours each day on studying! It’s quite relaxing though and since I don’t have other things to do than study and sleep. Alex and I found an Italian show on television which is quite entertaining: what do the Italians prefer, a big game show and people have to choose between two objects each time with some Italian bimbo dancing all the time! (they prefer Beckham over Kaka!)

Wednesday, today, since the only way of uploading this on the internet is at school before my lessons start, (internet in the apartment in a few days though!) has been about studying as well, no plans for the night yet. Tomorrow I might go and actually do something cultural like a museum or some churches! Walking around in Perugia is so tiring though, it is so steep and some many steps.. the view is amazing everywhere though. (mummy & joke, bring good walking shoes next week)

I also got a Italian number, so for those who miss stalking me: +39 38912 79396
Ciao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(ps. Daddy, yes I get why boys tend to help me about with my bags, but these were so nice not to make an advances after… & twitter, really?)

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