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Ciao tutti!

How are you all? I’m doing pretty good, just had a very nice home cooked lunch with my roommate, who just went back to school. My classes are from nine to one each day. I’m in the BII class, which is a bit advanced. Right now we are doing a lot of recapping which for me is quite good since as it turns out, I forgot quite a lot of verbs , words and grammar rules.

On Monday we had a meeting at school where I did my Italian test for my level, which wasn’t too hard and afterwards we had lunch with all the new people. There are about thirty Israelian Arabs in my school who are all learning Italian here to be able to study here. Afterwards we did a tour around Perugia and I met Caroline, an Australian girl (woman, turns out she is 30, but no-one would say) and we bought our schoolbooks! Alex and I made pasta for the night (yes mummy pretty much like the recipe you taught me the day before you left) and I must say I’m quite proud of awesome it tasted! (actually I had it for lunch again the next day!) At night we had a big group of the Arabs over in the apartment for some argrila (shisha) and I was proclaimed the princes haha… (after that I decided to go to bed, being a princes in a group of 10 guys might not be the best thing)

Tuesday was the first day of the actual lessons. I’m in a class with about five or six other people, the Australian girl, two/three Arabs (changes between grammar en conversation lessons) and a girl from Ecuador (Beatriz) who joined in later on the day. She is really nice, she also wants to study in Italy.

Normally I would have about 30 minutes homework each day, but since I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and over do the learning on the verbs, words and do waaaay to many exercises, I spend about two or three hours each day on studying! It’s quite relaxing though and since I don’t have other things to do than study and sleep. Alex and I found an Italian show on television which is quite entertaining: what do the Italians prefer, a big game show and people have to choose between two objects each time with some Italian bimbo dancing all the time! (they prefer Beckham over Kaka!)

Wednesday, today, since the only way of uploading this on the internet is at school before my lessons start, (internet in the apartment in a few days though!) has been about studying as well, no plans for the night yet. Tomorrow I might go and actually do something cultural like a museum or some churches! Walking around in Perugia is so tiring though, it is so steep and some many steps.. the view is amazing everywhere though. (mummy & joke, bring good walking shoes next week)

I also got a Italian number, so for those who miss stalking me: +39 38912 79396
Ciao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(ps. Daddy, yes I get why boys tend to help me about with my bags, but these were so nice not to make an advances after… & twitter, really?)

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First day

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Dear friends and family

After a long journey I have finally arrived in Perugia! Even though it took me twelve hours to get here, the trip was quite pleasant. Slept through most of my two flights, the shuttle bus from Firenze airport to santa maria novella station was easy to find and stopped in front of the station, two guys helped me get my ticket for the train and after an hour wait my train took me straight to Perugia.
There were some guys shouting Italian curse words through the intercom which caused me to not understand half of the stops, but in the end I managed just fine. Taxi was quite cheap and took me to the apartment which two of my roommates opened for me.

I’m sharing an apartment with two arabs from Israel which names I can’t remember or pronounce, who don’t speak English and barely any Italian and another Dutch guy, Alex. My room is fine, not too big, but I do have my own bathroom (since they thought it would be better if the only girl in the apartment had her own bathroom), quite a big closet and within a couple of days we should have internet in the apartment! :D
We have a cute livingroom with tv, a nice kitchen with all the supplies and a small amazing garden over viewing the mountains and Assissi! It is a quarter past six and I’m about to go out for dinner with the Dutch guy and explore a bit of the centre of Perugia. (I still need to buy a map!)

Christa, one of the employies showed me how the apartment works (I’m the only one in charge of the heating) and told me to not start in a beginners class, but take a test tomorrow for my level!
Well, I just went out to dinner with my dutch roommate Alex and we made a quick tour in the historical centre of Perugia! First impression of Perugia is really good, quite clean, pretty houses, streets and historical buildings & churches. Already found the place to buy my Italian simcard, my new morning espresso bar and where my school is. (a 100 meter walk!) Had some good Italian pizza for the first time in ages and someone to discover the city with. (and who let me take the lead haha)

I’m absolutely exhausted after not so much of sleep the last couple of days and caring around a heavy suitcase (although a surprising amount of guys helped me with that today), so even though it is not even nine o’clock yet, I’m going to lie down, finish my book (gloed bij sandor marai, thank you mummy), do some italian and SLEEP!

Xxxxxxxx baci!

ps. this was sunday, will update everything right after my FIRST italian class!

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Four days left...

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And now I'm down to the last couple of days home! I've been really busy packing, finding out where the intnernetpoints in Perugia are, how to get from Florence airport to my appartment to Perugia (bus, train, train, bus, taxi....) & buying the last few things for my trip.
I can't wait to finally leave, I only have two more workdays left! Very curious to who my new roommates are going to be, I got an email yesterday that I've switched appartements (to what seems very close to the centre and still close to the school), google earth showed a cute little street! (Via 14 settembre 57, Perugia, Italy)
Leaving my house sunday at 6.00 AM and hopefully I will arive at my appartement by 16.30. My lessons start on tuesday at nine, the days of sleeping in are over, and monday I will get some sort of tour and such.
I just checked the weatherforecast and it seems like I'm not really escaping the cold netherlands, since the temperature goes below zero there as well!

The next blog entry will probably be from Italy!

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Firenze - Perugia - Bologna - Milano

On the 31st of January I finally leave Holland and I will be landing in Firenze, taking a train to Perugia, since Perugia doesnt have it's own airport. Two weeks later I wil go to Bologna for three weeks and to top of my trip I will end with a weekend in Milano.

Five weeks in italy:

Perugia, Umbria, is a beautiful city where I will spend two weeks studying italian from the basics, remembering what I once forgot!
Then I will spend three weeks in Bologna, catching a train again from Perugia, which is more of a student city where I will try and actually improve my Italian a bit!
And since it is my birthday on the 6th of march, the day I finish classes, I am taking the train again to Milano to celebrate my 19th birthday.

I will arrive in Amsterdam on the 8th of march & I will be home for a month!

Map of Italy

Map of Italy

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South America

a trip through Chili, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador

On april 9th I leave Amsterdam to start my big journey through South America. I switch planes in Madrid and will land in Santiago, Chili on the 10th. My trip will last 53 days and on the 3rd of june I am coming back home, landing on the 4th of june!

I'm travelling with an organisation called oasisoverland (oasisoverland.co.uk)

My trip route

My trip route

A "short" itinerary of my trip for those interested:

Day 1

Pacific Ocean - towns and stunning beaches

Days 2 to 8
Atacama Desert & San Pedro - experience this oasis town & beautiful barren moonscape high in the Andes, plus the option of astronomer guided stargazing.
Valley of the Moon - salt lakes, volcanoes, as well as stone age dwellings.
Pan American Highway and Pacific Ocean coastline with stunning beaches; and the famous 'Hand in the Sand' Sculpture.

Days 9 to 16

Salta - founded over 400 years ago and a great place for live music, mountain biking, mountain trekking, horse riding and river rafting.
Humahuaca Canyon and Purmamarca


Tupiza - follow in the steps of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.
Uyuni Salt Lake - take a 1 day excursion out onto the vast salt flats.
Potosi - Silver & Tin mines - the opportunity to enter a working mine where techniques have remained unchanged for centuries.
Altiplano - drive across this wild and barren landscape.

Days 17 to 19
La Paz - highest capital city in the world, visit the colourful witches market!


Floating reed islands - home to the Uros Indians - explore Titicaca by boat & spend a night with one of the local families.
Puno - Lake Titicaca - the world's highest navigable lake at 3800 mtrs.
Days 20 to 26
Cuzco (our base for the next week)
Sacred Valley of the Incas
Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu - 4 day hike on the Lares, Classic or Salcantay trail.
Machu Picchu - finally on day 4 we reach the famous UNESCO World Heritage site - entrance and guide included.
Traverse mountainous passes of nearly 5000 mtrs within sight of active volcanoes

Days 27 to 35
Colca Canyon - accompanied by a local guide, you have the opportunity to view the majestic condors, which can be seen circling lazily on the thermals rising from the canyon floor.
Arequipa - a magnificent colonial city with authentic Peruvian nightlife.
Ascend the Andes mountain range and drive past grazing Llama, Alpaca and Vicuna
Nazca Lines - huge figures and shapes carved into the stony desert, best viewed from the air.
Dune Buggies & Sandboarding on the giant dunes out in the desert. BBQ and camp overnight under the stars.
Ica Desert & Oasis of Huacachina - visit a local winery & taste Pisco, the national drink.
Ballestas Islands - a boat trip takes us up close to the Islands which are bursting with exotic & rare marine wildlife.
Lima - the capital city with many plazas and museums and great local seafood (Ceviche).

Days 36 to 44
Chan Chan ruins - built by the pre-Inca Chimu kings, it's the largest mud brick city in the world.
Punta Sal & Pacific Ocean coast - camp on sandy deserted beaches play volleyball and have a BBQ.


Banos - a spa town where Ecuadorians go to relax in the thermal baths and hike the various mountain trails by foot or horseback plus the opportunity to go canyoning!

Days 45 to 53
Rio Napo - gateway into the steamy Amazon Jungle - by motorised canoe we access our jungle camp where we spend three nights to view the exotic wildlife - our guide will show us examples of medicinal, edible and hallucinogenic plants.
Tena - jungle town and where we can go white water rafting on Upper Napo River.
Otavalo - a small market town famous for its colourful arts & crafts.
Quito, the capital.

the bus

the bus

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